h-hewwo -

Do what makes you happy! Go see a movie! Stay in and bake some cookies! Summon an old god in the forest with the bones of the damned! Get a fish!

aisling -

need people to follow - reblog if you're lgbt+ and/or do art

ok so i’m at a college campus to register for freshman year (woo!) and there was just,,,, a guy laying on the side of a fountain??

katiebirdie -

i asked him if he was ok and he told me he was just getting some sun. alright.

nextjenn -

gotta get that vitamine D, son! I can relate to this so hard rn

this was me after 3 straight days of staying in a dark room studying/getting ready for finals.

goat-ish -

Don't worry!! This is actually pretty normal on a college! But you might want to get mentally prepared for the weird stuff, that's when you need to know the difference between "exhausted" and "this person has no brain"

Hope you enjoy your stay!!

unsociablecandy -

Yep! I once took a blanket and took a little nap on a bench in the hallway at my college. I had people asking me if I was sleepy.